A native Indegenious name from the Blackfoot people meaning “He Who Goes First”


I do not have all the answers. I believe that it is a sacred duty and an ancient one, to find them. I have no formula (trick) or magic pill for you. I start with you the individual from a holistic (whole) approach. I begin anew and work with you to find whatever it is that you need with respect to the services I offer.

Ceremony + Ritual
Dance + Art + Expression
Meditation + Prayer
Reflection + Planning

For those seeking self-healing or healing of another, we can engage in activities such as hiking, physical training, running, martial arts, internal arts, prayer, meditation & working with the healing power of food.

Travel is also an option if it's purposeful to visit a sacred site or a specific place. I'm always open and willing to learn and adapt with you. Helping you discover what it is you need to move forward either in this life or the next.