A native Indegenious name from the Blackfoot people meaning “He Who Goes First”


One of the most important factors in Life and Death is knowing one's rights. Each of us is an individual and every human being deserves to die well and be remembered or celebrated in a manner that shows respect to themselves and their life.

A large part of this is knowing the Laws, practices, procedures and options available to individuals and families. Each state, region and country are different. Part of my role is to help facilitate you knowing the many options available for a variety of scenarios.

This may be regarding burials, green burials, cremations, home funerals, ceremony, probate court and process, end of life wishes, wills and planning. At the core of all of this is what is it that YOU want for your end of life and how do we plan for that and then implement it.

Another not so spoken of topic is how do you help those who you may not actually love? Maybe your family member has not been good to you and maybe you still need to care for them. Maybe you need help?