A native Indegenious name from the Blackfoot people meaning
“He Who Goes First”

Spirtual Advisor / Emotional Coach
Death Doula $25 - $85

Extended time packages available.
Cost shouldn't stand in the way of a hardship. I am open to your situtation and circumstances.



I offer guidance for those who may be needing help along their Path. Maybe you're suffering from depression, addiction, fear, or grief. Maybe you're not sure what is going on within and without. Maybe you're just tired of being depressed, angry, sick, unhappy. Maybe you're tired of the world.


This is about Life & Death. The life lived, the Love shared and lost, the Grief and Healing of each of us. This work is about you. Are you preparing to depart this physical plane? Are you going to leave loved ones behind? Are you prepared to see your loved ones depart this world? Are you prepared to die? Is your Husband? Wife? Partner? Child? Brother? Or Sister?

This work is not just about planning for the Death and Departure of the individual. It's also about healing from whatever it is you may need to heal from. Preparation in the Spiritual, Religious, or Non-Religious context of an individual's needs, desires and rites.

I will carry you in Death if there is no one else. I will help you over the mountain if you are struggling. ~William Nugent


You may be planning for your loved one, friend, partner, or family member and there is work to be done, wishes to be respected and honored. There are practical aspects to review regarding wills, trust, probate, funerals, possessions and last rights. In the physical, there is comfort, care, vigil, ceremony and not being alone in the process of dying. We don’t have to die alone and we don’t have to be alone in our grief or recovery.

The work I do is unique because you are unique. Your situation is unique. There are NO package deals here. With every client, I must completely start from ‘Zero’. Everything is individualized in relation to what services are desired or needed. My services are tailored to you with an unbiased perspective.